Critics shredded the story as a sexist attack by faceless cowards who might have otherwise celebrated her toughness had she been a man. Still, the account was an expression of dissatisfaction with Abramson among important editorial constituencies like the Washington bureau, and the details of the incident highlight aspects of Abramson’s sometimes abrasive style, which she herself has dubbed “Bad Jill.” According to two sources, what precipitated the wall-punching incident was this: She had just returned from another trip and was critiquing the front-page stories that Baquet had published in her absence, calling each of them, one by one, “boring.” Baquet, who had managed the emotional farewells of departing editors while Abramson vacationed, protested by offering a story that he felt was important. After a long pause, Abramson simply declared, “Booooo-riiiing.”